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The Vision and mission statement

“At Enginiosys our heart beats for a continuous value chain improvement while our brain burns for its integration with the most advanced and efficient automation & execution systems technologies. A real symbiosis between human and artificial intelligence is our vision of a better world.”

Our approach

Because each business and each company is different, we believe that each client deserves a particular attention and specific solution. The value chain optimization needs first a deep understanding of your processes, your value chain, your business model and your production facilities.

That is why as engineering & integration company ,each of our missions starts with an audit period to get a better understanding of our clients requests and the context of the project.

As experts in industrial automation and IOT solutions, we keep as a target to bring to our clients relevant, concrete and ingenious solutions with a pragmatic approach. Moreover, we have several partners with high level expertise on very specific area allowing us to propose high quality services to each client in any context.


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Allée de la recherche 12, 1070 Anderlecht

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